Sunday, 30 October 2011

Book update!

I thought it was time for an update on how the book and digital archive of my grandpa's work is coming along. All four photo albums are now scanned, and in total there are over 600 photos! I am now going through the process of resizing, rotating and retouching them on Photoshop before adding them to the spreadsheet I made. The spreadsheet includes descriptions of the pieces, the date they were made/restored, any extra information on the work and photographs of the items. Below are screen shots of the spreadsheet so you can see how I am doing it. I have completed the first two Albums and am half way through the third, this album has nearly 300 photos so it is taking a while! Once it is done I will have made a full and comprehensive digital archive of his work. Then it's just the book!

Ragamala: Painting's from India

Whilst we were in Brighton we came across an exhibition on Ragamalas, which are miniature Indian paintings dating back to 1605. Commissioned under royal patronage, they tell stories of love and devotion, longing and loss, anguish and separation. The exhibition is based on the collection of Claudio Moscatelli, and is accompanied by Indian miniature paintings from Brighton Museum's own collection.

The paintings are minute, incorporating figures, animals, buildings, mythical creatures and Gods. It is amazing how the artists painted them as some of the brushwork is so tiny and detailed you need a magnifying glass to see it. This unique exhibition is definitely worth a visit; it is on at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery until the 8th January 2012.


This weekend John and I spent the Saturday in Brighton (as I had never been) and we realised it is only 45 minutes from us! No excuse for not going sooner really. We walked up the pier, had fish and chips, walked along the sea front and found some cute little shops and art galleries. The top left picture is Brighton pavilion, and next to it is a great arty shop we found on the sea front. It sells loads of prints (including Rob Ryan's!) as well as funky wrapping paper, gorgeous cards and an array of other goodies, including artist prints on tea towels, notepads, decorative plates, mugs and bags. This shop is an artist's dream! Right next to the shop is a fab little art gallery called Two Kats and a Cow (bottom right). The gallery is really open plan, airy and very inviting with some great art on the walls. The very bottom right picture is a painting by Katty McMurray called 'Boat Trip', Oil on canvas. To see more of her work visit

Friday, 21 October 2011

Update - Witney in Pink

So, Witney In Pink was a huge success with lots of shops raising money for breast cancer. I am really pleased to say that Sue and Maggie at St Andrew's bookshop sold loads of my homemade products and I made £65 which is great! Well done to them and a big thank you to everyone who bought my goods :-)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Check out my latest work, inspired by all things autumnal! I've used leaves, acorns, flowers and vegetables together with warm autumn colours; reds, browns and oranges to create some repeated patterns. I thought they might look nice as stationary designs, possibly on notecards, gift wrap and gift tags etc.