Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Final images for the Narrative Unit

These are the final four images for the Narrative unit. For these I have made the models and cut out Stan and put him in them, then photographed them. So no Photoshop involved! Which I am quite pleased about :)


Narrative Unit

I have just handed in my work for the Narrative Unit. For this unit we had to choose a text, take the main theme of the text and retell it through a different narrative. I chose The Book of Eli, which is about a man who travels across America to take a book somewhere. He loses it on the way but it doesn't matter as he can recite it all from memory.

I have taken the theme of going on a journey and made it into a children's book. It is about an alien who is on his way to his Granny's when he crash lands on earth. It is about his journey to get back to his Granny's. He's called Stan.

To make the pictures, I have made the models myself (eg. the mountain, desert, boulders) and then combined them with photography and hand drawn pictures.

I would put on the original storyboard but it is 20 images long! So here is the edited storyboard and then I'll put up the 4 final images.

Valentine's Day

Here are a couple of pics i did for that romantic day . . . 

Final images for Visual Explanation

Here are the final images from the Visual Explanation unit. I would have put them up earlier but I was sick of looking at them! Well, here they are now. As the phrase I was visually explaining was 'increasing tension between two or more people' I decided to make it a poster for The Jeremy Kyle show. I redid the Jeremy Kyle logo and put it on a billboard on Photoshop so you can get the idea. I prefer the bottom image but adding a third person into it made it work better within the context. I think adding the red colour also helps.