Thursday, 23 December 2010

Design A Character Competition

I entered a competition a few months ago to design a character. The competition was held by The Lightbox gallery in Woking, this was the picture I entered, and I found out yesterday that I won!! It was judged by John Huddy, who is co-founder of Illustration Cupboard, a gallery in London. I'm really pleased, so thought I would post up Stan for you all to see.

Silent Auction December 2010

To fundraise for our final year show in London we held a Silent Auction at Uni, and raised £1250!! These are my images I put into the auction and I'm pleased to say I sold them all :) The three christmas cards in the bottom left of the box are the ones I made. It was a huge success, so thanks to everyone that came and won!!


Church's Shoes

As well as illustrating the song for my Uni project, I also did some shoe illustrations for a girl on BA fashion to use in a magazine she made. I really enjoyed doing these, as it was something that I've never done before and was experimenting with pattern and watercolour. I'm really pleased with the outcomes, as soon as I get the layouts I will post them up so you can see them in context. 

Litte Yellow Spider Book

These are my final images for the song, they are all done in pen and watercolour and I've included all the lyrics in the images. They are all in order so should make sense but if you listen to the song at the same time it makes them better. For submitting them I made them into a book. Hope you like them!

Little Yellow Spider First Drawings

These are the first drawings I did for the Negotiated Practice Unit where I chose to illustrate a song called  'Little Yellow Spider' by Devendra Banhart. I have always loved the song, and when the D&AD brief came up, and the brief was to illustrate a song I thought it would be brilliant . Most of the verses are about animals, for example a dancing crab and a snapping turtle. I have been doing a lot of drawing with pattern lately, so here are the first lot of drawings.