Friday, 18 January 2013

be my valentine . . .

It's only a few weeks until the 14th Feb, so here are some of my designs for that special day, lots of hearts, roses, love and romance, ahhh . . . 

 . . . If you are looking for an extra special gift for Valentine's Day I can personalise any of these designs (£5 each) or create a new design just for you (£10). I professionally print all of my cards and embellish them all by hand, a lot of love goes into each and every one :) Just email me - - and let me know what you'd like.
Fliss x

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Personalised cards? Yes!

Before christmas I was asked by one of my friends to draw a personalised christmas card for his girlfriend - and it had to include a domokun (A Japanese TV/car mascot I think)! This is what I drew for him . . . 

I make my custom-made cards for £6 each so just email me at if you are interested. 

Happy new year!

Since joining with Advocate art last autumn I am hugely excited to learn I have just sold my fifth greeting card design with them! All my hard work is starting to pay and off - hopefully it will continue in 2013 . . . here is a taster of some new designs I have been working on.